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USPlabs Jack3d Micro Fruit Punch 146g

(Quickfind Code: 1154)

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Average rating of 4 from 6 USPlabs Jack3d Micro Fruit Punch reviews.
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  • Increase Alertness, Concentration, and Endurance Performance/Capacity!
  • Contributes To Energy-yielding Metabolism!
  • Unique, Patented & Trademarked Compounds
  • Contributes to the Reduction of Tiredness & Fatigue
  • Contributes to the Protection of Cells from Oxidative Stress
  • Creatine & Beta-Alanine Free
  • 20-40 Workouts Per Bottle
  • No Sugar or Carbs


Why A Precise Combination Of Ingredients Create An Environment Where You Might Just Think You’re Training With Fake Plates…

Dear Friend, Imagine...
...Getting swole as you drive to the gym...

...Geared up to train like you’ve never trained before...

...Muscles so engorged, so supercharged that “PR” and “throw on another 45” may become staples in your vocab…

...Being three-quarters through your workout and feeling like you’ve got a full tank...

Simply put, get ready for a precise, advanced ratio of ingredients to blow your mind...

Through painstaking research and real-world testing, we’ve created what we believe is the perfect performance formula...Jack3d Micro™.

Have you ever said "I really don't feel like hittin’ the gym today?"

Of course you have. We’ve all been there. There could be a million reasons why: you’re tired, sore, stressed, busy...Whatever the case may be, you’re fighting your mind on whether or not you should workout...

It's times like this that separate the six-packs from the two-packs, the guns from the gun cleaners...

While I can’t promise you’ll never have a bad workout again (even we can’t invent a supplement that will shut up the annoying dude or stop the noob from curling in the squat rack), I can promise that your training is about to  hit an entirely new level...

Your Training Is About To Hit An Entirely New Level...

Micro Shot Technology is the inclusion of the most exclusive ingredients, with specific targets, to hit the market in years, maybe ever...

Jack3d Micro tastes amazing and mixes in just a few ounces of water for a great pre-workout “shot”.

Compact Bottle. Perfect Results.

Crazy Value.

Don’t be fooled by the size of the compact Jack3d Micro™ container... The formula kicks ass and we’ve packed 20-40 workouts in each bottle!

If you want results, you've got to bring your "A" game every time…

Go Micro, Get Jack3d!


P.S. Jack3d Micro isn’t for suckers who don’t want to go balls to the wall. You’ve gotta put in the work. Train hard. Eat right. Dominate.